2-in-1 the Effective Project Leader

2-in-1 the Effective Project Leader

Author: Ready Set Agile


ISBN: 9798710143117


Page: 312

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Is your desire to become a winning project LEADER? Do you want to achieve more than an ordinary project manager? 75 percent of organizations rank leadership skills as most important for the successful projects-the Project Management Institute You can make well over $100,000 with experience and leadership-ProjectManager.com Effective project managers are the experts that companies want to hire-and top team members want to work for. Leading projects is a complex task, and project managers fight on many fronts. But what are the secrets of those who always win during meetings? Why servant leaders have so many followers? Which leadership skills are essential for a project manager? A project manager can achieve a lot-but an effective project leader with their team shoot goals and create real values. I've contributed to many projects and discovered that the next level up was in improving my leadership skills. I've seen leaders succeed and fail, and have captured those lessons for you. This book will reveal: Key competencies every project manager must master How to manage the triple constraint triangle to your advantage 9 leadership areas of a successful CEO and project manager How to upgrade interpersonal behavior and communication style Creative solutions for solving problems Bulletproof tips for getting the sponsor on your side How to execute strongly and close out a project early Turn conflicts to your advantage How to build your performing team Effective delegation of tasks Servant leadership for a successful project Next level project leadership-discover today's HECG game changers Each book comes with a BONUS checklist Still not sure if you can become an effective project leader? Here are the questions that I'm often asked. I don't have a college degree. Fortunately, it isn't necessary. Project managers need leadership and technical skills, not specific degrees. With the right experience and training, it doesn't matter whether you went to college or what you studied. My projects usually fail because of people! That's true. Most projects fail because team members are not motivated to deliver their best, and higher managers are not supportive. This book will guide you through interpersonal skills that are important for project success. What if I don't have any experience in project management? This book will give you ideas for hands-on experience in your community that will help you get in the door. Plenty of companies offer entry-level positions where you can hone your skills, and you'll learn what companies are looking for when they hire a project manager. Once you put the suggestions in this book into place, you'll join successful project managers all over the world in an exciting, fast-paced career. Not only that, but you can use these skills to benefit all aspects of your life. Open the door, and nobody will close it! I believe that your deep desire is to become an effective project LEADER. Scroll up and click the Add to Cart button now!