Take it With a Grain of Salt

Take it With a Grain of Salt

Author: Zohra Damani

Publisher: Zohra Damani

ISBN: 1087952778


Page: 80

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Love, insecurities, divorce, career adventures, questions about belonging, embracing a disability, losing a parent. These and more are grains put together with love, honesty and hope by Zohra Damani. As Zohra shares her life openly with you, it is with the intent of creating hope. Hope that you are not alone. Hope for days when you feel that your world is crashing, so you still have something to hold onto. Hope that you will accept yourself in every shape and form. Hope that no matter how hard the journey is, you won't give up on yourself. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. As you read, if you find that none of these grains apply to you, then simply take it with a grain of salt. But if they do, then sprinkle them throughout your life, savor the journey, and share them with others you meet, so that we lost souls may walk alongside each other.
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