The Future of Flying

The Future of Flying

Author: Maryanne Kane


ISBN: 9798744770006


Page: 80

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"The Future of Flying" showcases the most exciting new aircraft prototypes and breakthrough personal flying apparatus under development around the world. The future offers new, unimaginable aviation technologies like wing suits that allow you to fly like a bird, soaring jet packs, hypersonic bullet planes and unprecedented zero emissions aircraft. The book highlights groundbreaking efforts by aerospace giants like Airbus to develop hydrogen powered planes. A dominant prototype is Airbus' Zero-e, a blended wing hydrogen powered aircraft for long and shorter distance flights that are clean, green and totally emissions free. Many experts are convinced that hydrogen will power the future of aviation. It is a developing megatrend that the book explores.The future of flying will also accelerate with tremendous speeds. Global development of planes that travel faster than the speed of sound at Mach 1.8, Mach 5 and even Mach 25 or 18,527 mph are underway. The US Air Force and NASA, working in tandem with private companies, are developing supersonic and hypersonic Air Force Ones for the President of the United States. We explore the emerging technologies that will carry passengers from New York to London at Mach 25 in less than an hour.There are also fascinating personal air mobility technologies being invented around the world. In Germany, BMW is testing a wing suit that enables a person to fly like a bird. It has been successfully tested by a pilot dropped from a helicopter nearly 10,000 feet above the Alps. Jet Packs are also gaining altitude as a new form of personal air mobility with the United Kingdom's Gravity Industries deploying and testing them for the British and US military and for emergency rescues in the UK. These new means of personal flying are detailed in the book.The book also takes a fascinating look at the most promising flying cars, flying taxi e-VTOLs, flying drones, robot piloted planes and much more. "The Future of Flying" takes the reader on an exciting journey to the new innovative technologies that are revolutionizing flying and will make air travel unlike anything before.
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Mid-20th century America envisioned a wondrous future of comfort, convenience and technological advancement. Popular culture--including World's Fairs, science fiction and advertising--fed high hopes even when war and hardship threatened. American ingenuity and consumer culture promised to deliver flying cars, undersea cities, household robots and space travel. By the 1960s political