The Royal Adamic Books of King Adam and Eve

The Royal Adamic Books of King Adam and Eve

Author: Enoch Metatron


ISBN: 1541258908


Page: 294

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You will clearly see in this book that the devil was playing himself off to his human creations as both a God as well as the Devil. Adam and Eve were created to entertain the so called Gods. To know the present day one must know the ancient past as this is where today comes from and the forces at work way back then are the same forces that are cranking the wheels in the present time. The corporation called Earth Co., Ltd. Is still run by the same two bosses as when this diabolical resort was first established aeon's of time ago.As was then is today. There is nothing new under the sun.The Aggressive Evil Serpent Seed Is Always On The Move Conjuring Up New And Never Ending Ways To Pull The Rug Out From Under The Goodly Men. Who Is Good And Who Is Bad. Who Is Bad And Who Is Bad. We See The Starting Of The Division, Immediately After The Flood, And In The Ark Before The Flood Even Receded. Does This Ring A Bell. Remember The Goodly Adam Being Attacked By The Devil Right After The Creation By His First Wife Lilith, The Night Demon, That She Became. And Then Again Ruthlessly And Brutally Attacked Again In The Garden, Just After King Adam's Second Wife, The More Subservient, Eve Was Created. Eve Was Allowed To Be Raped By The Devil And The Devil Thus Fathering The Evil Demon Seed, Cain The Murderer, Who Wasted No Time In Slaughtering Adam's Goodly Son Prince Abel The Great. Cain Was Enraged Because God Didn't Accept His Offering Of Vegetables Etc. God Said The Meat Offerings Of Prince Abel Were Superior To Cain's Non Meat Offerings. This Seems To Me Like Someone Is Trying To Foment Strife Between The Brothers. Why Didn't God Accept Both Offerings, As It Is The Thought That Counts. And Why Is The Blood That Was Spilled From A Docile And Lovely Animal More Desirable To The Beautiful Fruits And Vegetables That Cain Offered. These Shenanigans Plunged Adam Into A Serious State Of Depression And A Withdrawal For Many Years From His Second Wife, Eve. About 30 Years Of Separation Of Sorts. He Must Have Been Angry With Her For Sleeping With Lucifer The Right Hand Man Of Mister God. Now We See Without A Moments Rest Hahm "HAM" The Youngest Son Of Noah, And A Demon At That, The Continuing From The Cain Lineage Of Demon Seed Offspring. Then We Have God And The Devil Promising Avraham And Yisrael "ISRAEL" All Kinds Of Empty Promises If They Follow His Way And Destroy The Demons. Giving King Solomon The Magical Ring With The Magic Seal Given To King Solomon By The High Ranking Angel Michael "MEEKAI-AIL" That Allowed King Solomon To Bind And Control All The Demons. For Example, Enoch's Son, And Noah The Greats Grandfather, Adamic King And Royal High Priest, King Methuselah, Slew Thousands Of Demons With The Sword That God Gave Him With God's Holy Name Engraved Upon The Sword. And Then Abandoning The Adamic Lines Descendants And The Holy Tribes Of Yisrael "ISRAEL" To The Wild Demons That Surrounded The Holy Tribes In The Area, Where They Lived. And Then To Really Spit In The Face Of The, Goodly Lineage Of Adamic Descendants, We See The Evil Dirty Canaanite Edomites And Babylonian Spawn Divinely Allowed To Assume the identity Of The Holy Tribes Of Yisrael "ISRAEL".The Books of Adam and Eve details the life and times of Adam and Eve after they were ruthlessly expelled from the garden up till the time of the Royal Adamic King Enoch the grandfather of the Royal Adamic King Noah. It tells of Adam and Eve's home location after the most cruel expulsion from the sacred, and safe garden to the Cave, or Cave of Treasures, as it was known as then. The book covers their trials and temptations, Satan's many apparitions to them, and how Satan or lucifer was hounding them constantly and we all know that Lucifer is the same as God and visa versa.
The Royal Adamic Books of King Adam and Eve
Language: un
Pages: 294
Authors: Enoch Metatron
Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-12-22 - Publisher:

You will clearly see in this book that the devil was playing himself off to his human creations as both a God as well as the Devil. Adam and Eve were created to entertain the so called Gods. To know the present day one must know the ancient past as
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